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Bug Detectors, Frequency Detector, and GPS Tracker

How To Fight Surveillance Activities

AVD-101Bug detectors, frequency detectors, GPS trackers and also other such gadgets are examples of how technology has advanced for the aim of monitoring covert activities and also the whereabouts of men and women.

When you think that a concealed camera or microphone has been set up in a specific area, specifically for malicious reasons, just sweep that place with a bug detector.

Bug sensors are counter-surveillance products that utilize either laser or radio frequency in order to confirm the existence of a bug. A frequency sensor in particular will inform you there is a bug within the room but not lead you to its actual spot.

A GPS tracker uses satellite technology to pinpoint the actual spot of whoever or whatever possesses the tracking gadget. A message that contains the area coordinates is transmitted to a phone pre-programmed for the GPS tracking system.

It pays to have access to bug detectors, frequency detectors, GPS trackers as well as similar technology for added security.

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